N7RR on the Pacific Crest Trail

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Posted by:  Steve Fletcher, G4GXL

Posted On:  04/20/06

Subject:  N7RR on the Pacific Crest Trail

Message Posted:

As you may have seen elsewhere, Bruce Prior N7RR is currently walking all 2650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Bruce is carrying his Elecraft KX1 and his next scheduled HF operation is on Wednesday 26th April -
7.030 MHz 1200-1215 PDT (1900-1915 Z)
14.060 MHz 1215-1300 PDT (1915-2000 Z)

He will also be trying to work some traffic nets in the evenings - Southern California Net (SCN), Northern California Net (NCN) and Oregon Section Net(OCN).

The map below shows Bruce's last reported position -

Please report here on QRP-F if you work (or hear N7RR). He will be on the trail for several months. Frequently out of range of VHF/UHF comms (which is why the map shown above may be a few days out of date), his HF operation will provide an essential role.

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