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Posted by:  Mike Czuhajewski

Posted On:  01/07/05

Subject:  Re: New Miles Per Watt Record

Message Posted:
    In Reply to: New Miles Per Watt Record posted by John Pawlicki, K8AG on 01/06/05

With all due respect, since it is quite an achievement in any case, the 13+ million MPW figure is not a world record, or at least not the overall record. It may certainly be a record for the band it was on, though.

Back in the late 60s someone set a record of 1.6 billion (with a B) miles per watt, and that fact figured prominently for some time in the advertising of the company that made the antenna used on the QRP end :-)

More recently, in 1992 [or 1990?] K7IRK in Texas and WB8ELK in NH set a record of 2.133 billion miles per watt on 10 meters. K7IRK was running a Fireball transmitter (described earlier in 73 magazine) and had it attenuated down to 0.72 microwatts, or 720 nanowatts. The path was 1536 miles. (I seem to recall that either this achievement and/or the Fireball transmitter was the cover story of 73 magazine at one time, but I can't verify that. I know I used to have a copy of it but was unable to find it today. My radio room is a disaster, but it will surface eventually.)

In case anyone has some ancient QRP Quarterlys around the house, you can read about it in the April 1993 issue. We reprinted a column which discussed it in the March 1992 issue of Radio Fun magazine (published by W2NSD/1, probably long since shut down). I think there may be a typo in some of the dates in the article, which I'll try to track down.

BTW, the article also says that there was a third person involved at the time. WA6YPE in California was also participating and copied the K7IRK signal down to 1.56 microwatts, for 840 million miles per watt.

So, recent reception of the N2XE beacon was very possibly the record for the band, regrettably not an overall world record, but dang, 13 million is still 13 million!

73 and queue our pea DE WA8MCQ

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