W1FB's Mighty Mite and Pebble Crusher 2

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Posted by:  Paul/K8AAX

Posted On:  03/10/02

Subject:  W1FB's Mighty Mite and Pebble Crusher 2

Message Posted:

I just finished my Pebble Crusher 2. It is very similar to the Mighty Mite with the addition of a PA section.

Just like the Mighty Mite it worked the first time I hit the key. There is obviously some benefit in sticking with simple Manhatten style circuits at this point in my QRP career.

Its monster 500 mw signal has resulted in QSO's in OH and TN. The fellow in OH said it sounded great--no chirp or anything. He ask for the plans.

So here I am with two Altoids Tin transmitters both one half watt or less. I need to go eat some more mints.

Calling in from Ypsilanti, MI
Paul K8AAX

Footnote: W1FB's QRP Notebook (ARRL still has I think)

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